Anti Climb Wall Spikes–Galvanized Against Corrosion

Anti climb security spikes is mainly made of hot-dipped galvanized steel sheet. It is really an effective way to protect your property, no matter used in the private yard or commercial place. Install on the top of wooden fence, outside of deck or brick wall to prevent unwanted climbing. Here are some hot specifications, which are needed by most of customers.

  • Anti climbing spikes to put on top of a wooden fence. Fence is 30 feet. Barb length: 64 mm. Barb thickness: 0.8 mm.
  • Metal anti-climb wall spikes. 8' linear feet to put on the outside of deck to prevent intruders from climbing up.
  • Anti-climb spikes 4' span to cover a narrow entrance at the side of a house.
  • Anti climb spikes powder coated in back, 2.0 mm bar thickness, 64 mm bar length.
  • Metal anti-climb wall spikes 60 linear feet of anti climb spikes in 4' sections.
  • Anti climb wall spikes for your block wall 200 feet of 1.2 mm bar thickness.
  • Cover a guard wall 500 feet with anti climb spikes, 1.5 mm bar thickness.
  • 50 feet of anti-climb spikes for parking garage walls.
  • Anti climb wall spikes, and the razor U comb shape to go on the top of some bricks 170 feet.
  • Wall spike security anti climb in 2.0 mm thickness, and for 300 feet.
  • Anti-climb spikes for installing along at office front walls, would need about 101 feet of spikes, bar length 64 mm, bar thickness 1.8 mm.
  • A low profile, discreet, wooden fence topper to prevent unwanted climbing, illegal entry will need 200 feet of anti climb fence.
  • 150 meters of anti climb wall spike for perimeter security to deter climbing the wall.
  • Anti climb spikes for a security project to protect a wall area which require around 30 meters of above material.
  • Wall anti-climb spikes needed for a residence 60 meters wall length. In addition a razor barb wire may be needed around the existing parameter fencing.
  • Anti climb wall spikes needed 232 feet or 58 sections of 4 feet lengths. These are needed to go around a pool and would be mounted on a metal fence.
  • Fitting some of these anti climbing spikes to a container, bar length 64 mm and bar thickness 1.5 mm.
  • An anti-climb detection about 3 feet long.
  • 6 meters wall spikes that sit above a brick wall for a residential property.

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