Wall Spike for Fence Topping

Wall spikes specifications material 2 mm toughened steel coating options hot dipped galvanized-powder coating optional extra spike length 100 mm standard length of spike rail 1.45 m/1.8 m spikes per meter 20 packing 10 units inside cardboard box using as barbed wire, razor barbed wire high quality material on the top of wall prevent people go though.

A row of wall spikes painted blue color.

WST-01: Wall spikes made of variety of surface treatment can enhance the security of an existing wall.

A row of yellow painted wall spikes on a green fence.

WST-02: Big type wall spikes installed on an existing wall forms a security fencing.

Ornamental fences are installed at the top of ornamental fences outside of the residences.

WST-03: Wall spikes on ornamental fence for residence protection.

Wall spikes are installed at the top of wooden wall and a tree behind of the wall

WST-04: Wall spikes on wooden wall for tree protection.

Galvanized spike fence topping in lengths of 2.44 meters.

WST-05: Wall spike drawings for spec description.

Table 1: Wall Spikes Specifications
Material 2 mm Toughened Steel
Coating options Hot dipped Galvanised-powder coating optional extra
Spike length 100 mm
Standard length of spike rail 1.45 m, 1.8 m
Spikes per meter 20
Packing 10 units inside cardboard box

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