Product List

Wall Spikes

Wall spikes is called razor spikes, weather resistant and extremely durable. Plate thickness 0.8–2.0 mm, barb length 64–100 mm, spike strips length 500–2000 mm.

Stainless Steel Wall Spikes

Stainless steel wall spikes or stainless steel wall spikes fence, galvanized wall spikes, painted wall spikes or aluminum spikes are all supplied.

Security Spikes

The security fence spikes attached to the upper rail of a chain link security fence, through a coil of razor wire or concertina wire strung along the upper rail.

Wall Spike for Fence Topping

Wall spikes for fence topping is the part of wall spikes or security welded fence used on the top of wall, fencing, gates. Galvanized sheet or powder coated.

Wall Spike Security System

Wall Spike system preventing individuals from scaling fences, walls, roofs and gates can be rapidly installed to existing structures and maximize sites security with ease.

Razor Channel Anti Climb Barrier

Razor channel anti climb spikes barrier made of galvanized stainless steel for anti-rust, with strong warning signs, it can stop intruders to climb.

Wall Spike Fence

Wall spike fences – welded wire fence with wall spikes topping. Galvanized wall spikes fence, stainless steel or PVC coated wall spikes fences are available.

Shark Tooth Wall Spikes

Shark tooth wall spikes also refers to special welded wire fence with shark tooth topping. PVC or galvanized type used for scaling fence, walls, roofs and gates.

Castle Wall Spikes

Castle wall spikes is one security wall spikes system with galvanized, PVC coated and stainless steel type. Castle wall spikes are widely used in Europe areas.

Plastic Wall Spikes

Plastic wall spikes and rotating spikes in different colors available. They are strong and can not be broken off the wall easily.

Anti Climb Spikes

Anti climb wall spikes and rotary spike are designed and used for birds anti climbing. The spikes are made hot dipped galvanized wire with length and types available.

Barbed Wire

Barbed wire fences with galvanized, steel and PVC coated there are single twist, double twist and traditional twist type for security fencing.

Razor Barbed Wire

Razor barbed wire fences with galvanized and stainless steel types. Blade types are BTO-12, 15, 22, etc. Various razor barbed wire fence length and coil types are available.

Chain Link Fence

Chain link fence types with galvanized, aluminum, steel and PVC coated. The chain fence accessories is included. Chain link fence installation info is supplied.

Palisade Fences

Palisade fencing is a new security fencing widely used in UK, aesthetically pleasing high security permanent fencing for industrial and residential premises.

Welded Wire Security Fence

Welded wire security fence combined with razor barbed wire is designed to high level security fence system, widely used for prison, airport, railway fencing.