Wall Spike Security System

Wall Spike system is a very cost effective solution to preventing individuals from scaling fences, walls, roofs and gates for family security. The system which can be rapidly installed to existing structures can maximise your sites security with ease.

The length comes in 1.45 metre & 1.8 metre and can be cut to length for the more complex installs. The ability to polyester powder coat the galvanised product ensures that it doesn't affect the aesthetics of your site.

Wall spike security system are installed on the wall of prison.

WSS-01: Wall spikes for prison security.

Wall spike security system are installed in the garden.

WSS-02: Wall spikes for garden protection.

A stainless steel wall spike with large spikes.

WSS-03: Large spike type.

Powder coating wall spike with medium spikes.

WSS-04: Medium spike type.

A row of yellow painted wall spikes installed on the protective fence.

WSS-05: Wall spikes are really an effective way to protect the security of family.

A row of wall spikes made of stainless steel material put on the ground.

WSS-06: Wall spikes made of stainless steel material is very durable.

Three rows of wall spikes on the ground.

WSS-07: We can offer you various types of wall spikes to meet your different needs.

Wall spikes after galvanized surface treatment hanging in the yard.

WSS-08: Wall spikes with galvanized surface treatment.

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